Press Releases Archives: April, 2007

"Seek higher yields for cash accounts" writes the Chicago Tribune's Carolyn Bigda. She advises consumers to upgrade their brokerage sweep account rates, to "sweep cash into high-yielding accounts", and to "research rates online" at sites such as Yesterday's article says, "Today, the average ... yield for money funds is 4.99 percent, while cash accounts at brokerages pay 2.64 percent, according to Crane Data LLC, which tracks money funds."

"Money Fund Asset Growth on Track to Beat 2006" says Financial Week. The publication quotes our Peter Crane, "Inflows remain unusually strong," and includes a monthly Crane Data ranking of the top-performing money funds.

Crane Data Launches Money Fund Detail Pages and Full Fund Listings. While we're hesitant to treat product launches as news, our new "Fund Detail" profile pages and full fund listings are now available under the "Resources, Browse Funds" menu option. These added features fulfill Crane Data's mission of bringing money fund info to the masses. Free Web Access registrants may now click on any fund or symbol to view a compact table of the fund's 7-day and 30-day yield, assets, expenses, AM, rank, type, category, 800 number and website. MFI Subscribers have additional premium access to a host of "Fund Detail" performance statistics and rankings: 1-month, 3-mo, YTD, 1-year, 3-yr, 5-yr, 10-yr and since inception returns. If you haven't signed up already, Register Today!