As we wrote in the January issue of our flagship Money Fund Intelligence newsletter, online money fund trading portal Treasury Partners announced the launch of a "transparency" initiative late last week. The firm issued a press release saying, "HighTower's Treasury Partners has launched a proprietary tool designed to assist its Money Market Portal clients in rapidly assessing portfolio risk and responding to global credit exposure."

The announcement explains, "This new analytical tool, FundView, enables clients managing their own liquidity to perform rigorous due diligence on the more than 140 domestic and offshore funds available via Treasury Partners online Money Market Portal. With FundView, these clients can search their investment portfolios for exposure to individual securities, issuers, maturity dates, asset classes and CUSIPs by country. FundView also enables investors to run cross-fund analysis, improve diversification, and adjust portfolio risk, including counter-party and headline risk."

It adds, "FundView is the latest in a series of innovative, proprietary technology Treasury Partners has launched on its platform over the past three decades."

Jerry Klein comments, "Due to the increasing volatility in the global markets, identifying and reacting quickly to portfolio exposures is now more critically important than ever. And, judging from the extremely positive comments we've received since the FundView launch, our Portal clients obviously agree."

Treasury Partners is one of a number of money fund "portals" or supermarkets that are using Crane Data's Money Fund Portfolio Holdings series to power their transparency and analytics initiatives. Recently, Comerica Securities' online money market fund trading system, `Maestro, began providing clients access to money fund news, fund statistics and portfolio holdings information from Crane Data too. Maestro users may now view issuer, country and concentrations of fund holdings, as well as 'shadow' NAVs and performance statistics."

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