Wall Street Journal Online's "Investments to Soothe a Worried Mind" advocates short-term investment options such as money funds and CDs in a Sunday article. Reporter Jane Kim writes, "Some popular categories of bond mutual funds, including intermediate-term bond funds, are showing negative returns over the past month.... That has prompted some investors to flee to shorter-term investments that fluctuate less in price. The article, which mentions TIAA-CREF Money Fund and Vanguard Prime Money Fund as top-yielders, also says, "Among the most stable and liquid of these [of short-term investments] are money-market funds, mutual funds which hold instruments like short-term Treasury securities and commercial paper. Total assets in money-market funds are at a record $2.54 trillion, up 19.6% over the past year, and the average yield for the 100 largest money funds is 4.98%, according to Crane Data, which tracks money funds".

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