Associated Press writes, "Investors return -- cautiously -- to money funds", which says, "Investors are cautiously returning to battered money-market mutual funds after the government intervened to stem a massive pullout by professional money managers. The run on the funds had threatened to expose individual investors to losses that, while just pennies on the dollar, would have been unprecedented for the normally safe investments." It quotes Peter Crane, "The moves by Treasury Department and Federal Reserve have eased the pressure on the funds tremendously, and raised the odds that we won't see another fund 'break the buck'." See also Reuters' story "Money-market fund assets up $1.5 bln Monday - Crane", Reuters' "Panic subsides in money-market funds", Bloomberg's "Money-Market Funds Still Good for Liquidity, Risk, Advisers Say", and WSJ's "Fund That Broke the Buck Didn't Follow Its Own Advice".

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