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Money Fund Ratings: Standard & Poor's Website shows the most recent fund ratings, ratings methodology, and ratings by domicile.

FinancialWeek runs story on money fund portals in its most recent issue. The piece quotes treasurers from TDS and Darden Restaurants on the pros of portals, with color from Pete Crane and Mellon's Bill Daniels (subscription required).

"Stocks Get Lift From the Return of U.S. Investors" Says The Wall Street Journal citing preliminary (and paltry) September and recent (minor) inflow estimates.

The Bond Market Association (www.bondmarkets.com) is the trade group representing bond issuers. The site contains a wealth of info on the corporate, treasury and muni markets.

Vanguard's "What's the Best Way to Invest Your Cash Savings?" discusses and compares money market funds, bank savings accounts and CDs.

Money fund behemoth Federated Investors released its Q3'06 earnings. Money fund assets, which represent 47% of revenues, hit $146.8 billion.

"Cash Starts to Lose Its Luster" writes The Wall Street Journal, citing a tiny decline in CD rates.

New Online MM Trading Portal, TreasuryCurve, is live with its website. The company, run by JPM alums Paul Rice, Aron Chazen and Chris Kaminski, is partnered with PFPC and Risk Metrics.

Bloomberg story say U.S. mutual fund asset broke $10 trillion for the first time in the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2006.

Mellon announces the availability of Enhanced Cash funds throught its Liquidity Management Service (LMS) online money market trading portal.

"US Fund Managers See Higher Rates" Says Survey Published in Sunday Financial Times (need login).

ICI's Frequently asked Questions About Money Market Mutual Funds The ICI (Investment Company Institute) explains the basics of money market funds.

Bulging Corporate Coffers Driving Money Fund Growth Link to Bank of New York's MoneyFund Directions newsletter has Pete Crane article on page 3.

Money magazine bond article has cool link explaining Yield Curve Geometry.

MarketWatch's "How Important Are Banks?" discusses banks, brokerages and FDIC insurance.

The Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) treasury conference opens Sunday. See you in Vegas!


Oct 11 06

Bear's Corporate Cash Management Platform, http://www.bearcorpcash.com, offers a Money Market Portal with over 125 funds.


Oct 09 06

"Egan-Jones to Rate Mutual Funds" Investment News mentions money fund ratings.


Oct 08 06

"Reversal of Fortune" Newsweek article calls money funds a "free lunch" with rates higher than long-term bonds.


Oct 04 06

"The Five Percent Threshold" Money fund portal provider CacheMatrix releases its latest whitepaper.


Oct 03 06

"BlackRock Completes Merrill Lynch Inv. Mgmt. Merger"

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