ICI's weekly "Money Market Mutual Fund Assets" series shows a gain of $21.28 billion to a record $3.637 trillion in the week ended Nov. 12. Retail market money funds decreased by $3.71 billion to $1.264 trillion while Institutional money funds increased by $24.98 billion to $2.373 trillion. Prime Institutional assets jumped by $21.04 billion to $1.074 trillion, their largest increase since July 9. Government Institutional funds (including Treasury funds), however, remain the largest fund category with $1.113 trillion in assets. In other news, see "Reserve U.S. Government Fund Makes Initial Distribution of $4.5 Billion to Shareholders", NY Times' "Money Fund Thaws a Bit to Return Some Cash", WSJ's "Banks Wage Rate War for Deposits", and Bloomberg's "Reserve Primary Leaves Investors at Odds Over Liquidation Plan".

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