A short video on Bloomberg TV entitled, "Cash Is Becoming Attractive, Says T. Rowe Price's Page" "interviews Sebastien Page, head of asset allocation at T. Rowe Price, who "discusses why cash is becoming an option for defensive investors." Page is asked, "A lot of analysts say 'It is too early to go defensive,' Yet, you are winding up seeing a lot of people going to cash. What is the right trade?" Page answers, "We like cash. Cash is becoming attractive [at] 1.9%, 2%.... Pretty soon you are going to earn 2.2%, 2.5% on cash. That is more than the dividend yields on the S&P." He adds, "[For] investors who are marginally taking risk off ... cash is one of the assets we are getting into to play defense. We are also looking at different ways of playing offense at the same time, like I mentioned adding to small cap stocks."

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