Please join us for Crane Data's next webinar, "ESG & Social Money Fund Update," which will take place April 22 (Thursday) at 2:00pm Eastern. (Register here for this free event.) For this webinar, Crane Data's Peter Crane and Morgan Stanley Investment Management's Scott Wachs will review recent developments in the ESG and Social money market fund space. We'll cover the history, growth and various types of entrants in the space, including ESG Prime MMFs, Social or Impact Govt MMFs and private labelled share classes, and Wachs will review Morgan Stanley's move into this growing market. The session will last 45 minutes and include a brief update on other major money fund issues. Crane will also give a brief overview of the website and preview a new version of Crane Data's Money Fund Wisdom database query system and product suite. Crane Data recently hosted its Bond Fund Symposium event (online), and pushed back the dates for our next live event, Money Fund Symposium, to Sept. 21-23, 2021 (in Philadelphia). So we've scheduled some webinars over the next several months to keep conference-goers busy. Mark your calendars for another webinar on "Handicapping Money Fund Reforms," which we'll be hosting May 20 (Thurs.) at 2:00pm EDT, and our "Asian Money Fund Symposium," which is scheduled for June 17 (Thurs.) at 10:00am EDT. (Note: Attendees and Crane Data subscribers can access the Powerpoints, recordings and conference materials at the bottom of our "Content" page and see the recent BFS materials via our Bond Fund Symposium 2021 Download Center.)

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