Bloomberg's "SIVs' Last Men Standing Entangled by Gordian Knot" discusses the recent downgrade and status of the last and the largest structured investment vehicles, or SIVs. It quotes us: "Sigma is the foremost concern among money-market funds right now," said Peter Crane, whose Westborough, Massachusetts-based Crane Data LLC tracks more than $3.3 trillion of money. "The money-market business is pulling for it." The piece also says, "Even so, money-market funds rated by S&P have reduced holdings in Sigma to under $5 billion, from $7.5 billion in November, said Peter Rizzo, a senior director at S&P in New York." Rizzo says, "Whenever maturities have rolled off, no one we've seen has looked to add.... Money funds have looked to roll any new money into more conservative programs."

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